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Exene Cervenka Opens Up About New X Tour and Billy Zoom’s Cancer Battle

[Editor’s note: You can support Billy Zoom’s GoFundMe drive at https://www.gofundme.com/yx66a4] As one of the biggest bands to come out of the Los Angeles punk scene in the ’70s and ’80s, X has been through it all – a handful of albums, tours, changes in their lineup and a brief hiatus before regrouping in the late […]Read More »

WIDOWSPEAK On Using Mobile Tech During Your Creative Process

WIDOWSPEAK  On Knowing When Not to Self-Produce & How to Maximize Mobile Tech During Your Creative Process Since forming as a three-piece band in Brooklyn in 2010, Widowspeak has gone through a lot of changes, changes in line up, places and producers.  They currently have a new album All Yours out now on Captured Tracks, […]Read More »

FIRST LISTEN: Stream The New Thee Koukouvaya LP Now

Thee Koukouvaya is a rad dance duo from New York, and they’ve been kind enough to let Performer stream their new LP This Is The Mythology of Modern Death in its entirety. The record comes out on Friday, courtesy of Saint Marie Records. Give it a listen and sound off below in the comments! About Thee Koukouvaya […]Read More »

FIRST LISTEN: RadaR Drops Exclusive New Single "Confidence"

DC/Baltimore electronic indie pop/shoegaze group RadaR drops their new single “Confidence” EXCLUSIVELY at Performer. Give a listen below and sound off in the comments. ABOUT RADAR Coming from diverse realms of rock, Charles (lead vocals and keys), Robzie (Drums), and Jay (guitarist) joined forces creating something authentic and fresh. While they have different backgrounds ranging from punk to […]Read More »

Watch New Radkey Video & Go Inside The Recording of Their New LP

RADKEY Small-Town Siblings Open Up About Producing New LP with Ross Orton When one thinks of breeding grounds for exciting new rock music, St. Joseph, MO, is not the first (or twentieth) locale that comes to mind — but that small Midwestern town is exactly where the incendiary, ultra-heavy rock trio Radkey hails from. Comprising […]Read More »

LA LUZ on surviving a near-fatal car accident & producing new LP with Ty Segall

LA LUZ On surviving a near-fatal car accident and bouncing back to produce new LP with Ty Segall Everyone is still talking about the car accident that La Luz was in and I think it’s because we would hate to loose such inspirational, dedicated, talented musicians, and overall fun-loving people. The group is close–knit like […]Read More »

VINYL OF THE MONTH - Great Father "Bicentennial Blue"

VINYL OF THE MONTH Great Father Bicentennial Blue Cleveland, OH (Exit Stencil Recordings) “Let’s go back to a simpler time…” Cleveland, huh? Well, let’s hope they keep making records like these in the Midwest. Great Father is basically Exit Stencil founder Brandon Stevens’ solo project, and fuck if it isn’t a magnificent piece of work. […]Read More »

Up Close and Personal With Diamond Thug at Boston's Converse Rubber Tracks

Boston’s Converse Rubber Tracks Studio isn’t just another strategic musical landmark from arguably one of the most culturally forward brands in the nation. It subsequently makes for one hell of a platform for aspiring musicians: enter Diamond Thug. The South African quartet, who possess a sound that can be best characterized as illuminating and charmingly […]Read More »

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