Best Music Keyboards & Synth Pads

Learn more about the best analog synths, digital synths, virtual analog synths and MIDI controllers under the sun from Performer’s staff of synth geeks. From vintage Moog and ARP synths to modern MIDI and synth products from Roland, Yamaha and Novation, the world of synthesizers (especially finding the best synthesizer for your budget) can be a tricky one to navigate. That’s why we’ve compiled reviews on the latest synths and synth news from the annual NAMM show, as well as in-depth buyer’s guides to help you choose the right synth for your needs.

The technology behind today’s synthesizers, both hardware and software-based, is rapidly changing. So let us help you learn more about not only the best synths in production, but also other types of keyboards, keyboard controllers, keyboard amps, digital stage pianos and today’s modern samplers.

Some of our most popular articles and synthesizer reviews include:

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