Live Sound

Learn how to get better live sound on stage. Performer Magazine will guide you through the world of pro audio and how to get killer stage production on your budget. Live sound includes everything from guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets, to PA systems, to compact mixers, outboard effects and so much more. Go behind the scenes with live sound professionals for tips on setting up your stage show, mixing advice for small, medium and large gigs as well as reviews on the latest gear like microphones and personal monitor systems for your band.

Our experts will even cover cutting edge live sound technology, like wireless mixers from companies like Mackie, as well as pro signal routing tips with Yamaha. We even go behind the scenes with Shure Microphones to explore revolutionary dynamic mics like the KSM8 Dualdyne. We even share real-world testimonials from product testers we’ve sent on tour with live sound gear from companies like Electro-Voice, Audio-Technica, Shure, Mackie and many others.

Some of our most popular articles about live sound include:

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