Best Studio Mixers

Learn more about how using compact mixers, larger mixing board and control surfaces for your DAW and home studio from Performer’s team of experts. This category focuses on how to use mixing boards in a recording studio environment, provides reviews on the latest compact digital and analog mixers, and offers tips from recording engineers and audio experts on getting the best mix for your recording project.

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  • REVIEW: Cerwin Vega CVM-1224FX USB Mixer

    PROS: Tons of features, plenty of live/recording applications, easy to use. CONS: None. PRICE: $299 Mixers almost always seem to be available in a standard...

  • Yamaha MGP16X Mixer

    PROS: Plenty of channels, good FX selection, iPhone compatibility. CONS: Might be overkill for the average band. PRICE: $799 Yamaha makes items that range from...

  • GEAR REVIEW: Mackie ProFX16 Mixer

    Pros: Easy, useable features. Small footprint. Flexible for live applications and recording. Cons: Lack of handle for portability. Abridged manual in the box. It’s hard...

  • GEAR GUIDE: Control Surfaces

    Make Your DAW Work For You Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are great, there’s no questioning that. Every once in a while, though, staring at a...

  • GEAR GUIDE: Home Mixers

    While many programs have integrated mixers that can entail hours of clicking away to make the perfect mix, there are physical mixers that can be...