by | May 22, 2023 | Videos

We are super excited to premiere the brand new video for “FOMO” by Portland synth pop band Small Million. Keep scrolling after the vid to learn more…

Small Million, an indie pop band hailing from the Pac NW, is the creative outlet for artists Ryan Linder and Malachi Graham — and if you like the single above, we’ve got even better news for you: the band will be releasing an LP on Tender Loving Empire this year (so stay tuned!)

The video for “FOMO” was directed by Kale Chesney, Malachi and Ryan’s longtime creative collaborator and the band’s bassist and backing vocalist.

Kale Chesney, director, had this to say:

“This video is a love letter to the fast food napkins in your glove box, to the slice of pie behind hazy glass. It’s a reminder to leave cash tips, and make your friends run errands with you. Life is hard enough as it is, don’t forget to find beauty in the mundane. 

If I had to summarize Ryan and Malachi’s friendship from the back seat It would boil down to this simple gesture: during a drive, of any length of time, the two of them will constantly show each other songs they love and are inspired by. But every single time they press play, the end up turning the volume down 15 seconds into it because one of them is so genuinely interested to hear what the other is saying. I’ve never seen anything so sweet and and gently chaotic.”

From Ryan Linder of Small Million:

“Kale is a truly gifted artist. I’m still learning about new mediums that they are exceptional at. They’re just so humble that it has to dawn on you while you’re admiring a piece of art that was shared on the internet and are forced to ask, “wait a second, you did this too? How come you never said you could (insert craft that takes years of dedication and an inherent sense of taste to become that good at)?”

We were introduced to Kale as a photographer and print maker. It took several more years to learn that they are also a multi-instrumentalist, a lyricist, have a voice that could break a statue’s heart, a graphic designer, can draw, do reupholstery, and you get the idea. The list goes on. At this point it shouldn’t be surprise that they are also deeply interested in film and had already started their journey with directing, cinematography, and editing.

Creative collaboration with Kale has become such a central part of what Small Million is. We were so excited to put this music video fully in their hands, because we just trust their vision, taste, and execution absolutely. Even though I was initially hesitant to be on film at all, I knew that in Kale’s hands it would become something beautiful.”

Small Million can be found online at: