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How to Set Up the Ideal Band Rehearsal Space

This article originally appeared on Sonicbids.com. It has been reposted here with permission. Whatever level your band is at, chances are you’ve experienced a volume war during rehearsal at some point. It’s nobody’s fault, really, but it may have to do with the musicians and equipment being in the wrong positions. Each band member must be able […]Read More »

Ridiculously Easy DIY Tips for Shooting Multi-Angle Concert Videos

…or The Crappy Cell Phone YouTube Concert Moment Video and You Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, music fans the world over have been witness to the online proliferation of what I like to call the “Crappy Cell Phone YouTube Concert Moment Video” (CCYTCMV), that now ubiquitous shaky, pixilated blur with overblown, distorted sound […]Read More »

Live-Stream Your Concert…From Anywhere

We all know that you can put on a concert in a myriad of different settings. But did you know that you can put on a great live show from the comfort of your very own living room, back yard, or even your bathroom? And no, we’re not suggesting that you pile a live audience into your […]Read More »

WATCH: How to Turn Lethal Weapons into Musical Instruments

We would all like to see violence give way to peace, and killing to creation. Mexican sculptor Pedro Reyes wants to show the world that this is possible by transforming confiscated weapons into musical instruments. A new short film from Sennheiser explores the incredible art of Pedro Reyes as part of the audio specialist’s MOMENTUM […]Read More »

How Di Mainstone Turned The Brooklyn Bridge Into a Giant Instrument

Di Mainstone has MOMENTUM There are people in the world who see the same things as everyone else, yet see something different. On visits to the Brooklyn Bridge, Di Mainstone didn’t see the landmark as a route from Brooklyn to Manhattan. She didn’t see a tourist attraction. She saw a musical instrument. In May last […]Read More »

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