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VIDEO: Introducing The Shure KSM8 -- Inside Dualdyne

Shure gave us a pretty amazing demo of the new KSM8 microphone at NAMM, new for 2016. It’s truly a step forward in the mic game, and instead of prattling on (which we’re good at, believe me), we’d rather just show you. Enjoy!Read More »

REVIEW: Sennheiser EW D1-835S Evolution Wireless D1 Digital Vocal System

Sennheiser EW D1-835S Evolution Wireless D1 Digital Vocal System – $699 PROS: Great sound, sonically adjustable, expandable. CONS: Rack mounting hardware not included. Wireless systems used to be expensive, and any cheap or mid-priced unit usually skimped, wiping out any actual sound and build quality or value to getting one (especially for DIY and indie […]Read More »

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Extend the Life of Your Gear

A little bit of knowledge about care, use and preventive maintenance can extend the life and maximize the performance of the gear you already own. Shure’s Bill Ostry shares tips that will preserve your equipment and your budget. Wired Microphones   1. Keep windscreens on vocal mics clean and unclogged – clogged windscreens can reduce […]Read More »

GEAR REVIEW: Electro-Voice RE320 Microphone

If you have a studio, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the standard microphones that have been used for decades, and that are well known for their respective applications. The new Electro-Voice RE320 is one you’ll want to get familiar with. It incorporates their “Variable D” technology, which in laypersons terms means when you move […]Read More »

GEAR GUIDE: Wireless Microphones

    Intro Once thought of as a luxury ticket item only available and affordable by major artists – a high-quality, clear, dependable wireless rig is now more accessible than ever. Popular among DJs, MCs, pop artists, houses of worship and with energetic performers for obvious reasons, wireless microphone systems have clearly apparent benefits with some not […]Read More »

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