GEAR TEST: Blue Microphones enCORE Series LIVE with Me Like Bees!

Editor’s Note – this spring we put a call out to bands to test out a package of enCORE Series mics from our friends at Blue Microphones. We chose Me Like Bees, who shot a series of behind-the-scenes videos for our YouTube and Facebook channels. The mic package we sent them consisted of the following:

  • enCORE 100
  • enCORE 100i (instrument mic)
  • enCORE 200
  • enCORE 300 

Here’s the band’s final thoughts…

When you’re in a band, you’re confident of a few things: your ability to play music, your ability to perform said music, and your love for doing those things. What you’re NEVER confident in, however, is winning a contest. When our PR guy sent us a link about the Performer Magazine / Blue Microphone contest, I filled it out, closed the browser tab, and thought nothing of it.

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A couple of weeks later, I received an email notifying us that we won… which was amazing! The only other thing we’d won as a band was the Ernie Ball National Battle of the Bands, so now we’ve gotten two contest wins under our belt and we’re feeling great.

Because one other thing I forgot to mention about being in a band: you’re never confident in the gear that the venue will have. Which is why winning the microphone contest was so great, because now we have our own set of microphones we take with us and we’re fully confident in their ability to get our sound across. A really terrible feeling is performing really well, and the sound being god-awful because of the mic setup at the venues.

We’ve loved performing and playing with the microphones from Blue so far. Lewis (our drummer / percussionist) mics his bell kit with the 100i and it’s really projecting the sound wonderfully. As the bassist in the band, being 100% in sync with what Lewis is doing is important, and Blue enCORE mics were using have elevated what Lewis and I are able to do together.

And of course, working with Performer throughout this process has been great. Ben has done well, what is so hard to find in this industry… COMMUNICATE. From calling me the day we won, to shipping the mics quickly, to checking in to see how we’re liking them, it’s been a breeze and such a great experience. Hopefully this isn’t our last time working with them and if you’re reading this, catch us on tour to hear us with our new Blue Microphone enCORE Series mics LIVE!

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