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Why You Should Avoid Serial Overdubs in the Studio

[Before we get into the meat of this month’s article, I’d like to start responding to readers’ questions.  Please email me your questions or topics to be discussed.  Recording, editing, mixing, production, management and even music publishing are all fair game.  Fire away! Reach me at [email protected]] One of the things that I learned, the […]Read More »

How to Properly Incorporate Presets Into Your Recording Sessions

In Defense of Presets And How to Incorporate Them Into Your Studio Sessions A TIME & PLACE FOR EVERYTHING Life is too full to do everything, all the time.  Ultimately, even within music, you’ll have to define yourself by what you do best and most love to do. For me, that’s producing and mixing music […]Read More »

20 MIDI Tips To Improve Your Tracks Now

MIDI limiting. No hardware needed—add a constant value to MIDI velocities to create limiting (Fig. 1). After limiting, if needed subtract a constant to set the ceiling. Sometimes DAWs beat MIDI. The MIDI resolution for some Vis may be low enough to create level control “stair-stepping” (a lack of smoothness). A DAW’s level automation won’t […]Read More »

How Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska Sparked a Home Recording Revolution

Independents Day: Bruce Springteen’s Nebraska Opens Up A World Of Home Recording In January of 1982, Bruce Springsteen recorded a group of fifteen demos in the bedroom of his house in Colts Neck, New Jersey. The last three albums he had recorded with the E Street Band had each taken an extraordinary amount of time to […]Read More »

10 Tips for Recording Great Vocals In Your Home Studio

Invest in a decent mic Each voice has its own tonality and texture and no one microphone is a perfect solution for all voices. Big studios will often line up a bunch of pricey mics at the start of a vocal session to see which one works best for that particular vocalist.  That being said, […]Read More »

The Myth of High-Resolution Audio & Why It Matters For YOUR Recordings

The Myth of High-Resolution Audio And Why It Matters For YOUR Recordings Have you seen the new gold and brown “Hi-Res Audio” logo on a website or a new piece of high-end audio hardware? Maybe you learned about “high-resolution audio” from Neil Young and his Pono initiative, the one that resulted in the 3rd largest […]Read More »

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