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In The Studio With Andrew St. James

19-Year-Old Bay Area Native Demos in Raunchy Bathrooms to Inspire Dusty, Vintage Sound PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Not very structured at all. Much like the last release, several songs on this album I recorded demo-style in a variety of bathrooms (including this real raunchy one in a basement of a […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Microphone Selection Part 2

With so many models to choose from, what should you look for in picking your next microphone?  We like to think of picking a microphone like picking a car.  First jot down what features are you looking for – do you need 4-wheel drive?  Do you need good gas mileage? Or in our case, what […]Read More »

Go Behind The Scenes with Jill Barber In The Studio

PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Jill: Our production approach was always to make decisions about how to best serve the song regardless of style or genre. If the song shines then the production shines. We also did a lot of pre-production workshopping sessions with the band before we entered the studio. […]Read More »

How to Create Your Own DIY Recording Studio

Recording takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of patience. And, for some, it can cost a lot of money. While some artists may spend thousands in studio time before hitting on a tune that stuck, others prefer to gain popularity before spending that sort of money. Today’s technology, mixed with an understanding of acoustics and […]Read More »

TECH TIPS: Soldering Basics for the Absolute Beginner

Soldering is a method of using a conductive material (solder) to connect a wire with another device, such as another wire, a 1/4 inch plug, a guitar pickup or a circuit board. Solder is a metal alloy with a relatively low melting point; you can think of it as conductive glue. Electronics solder is usually […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Microphone Selection

Many microphones have been talked about as if they have this mystical ability to enhance performances, as if they can transform a crappy guitar into a handcrafted masterpiece or a mediocre vocalist into a diva.  Is this true?  Should you plunk down a few grand on a vintage Neumann U-87?  Or will a Chinese-manufactured knock-off […]Read More »

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