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A Musician's Guide to The Artist/Producer Relationship

An In-Depth Look at Working Together In The Studio When you enter a recording studio you are beginning a relationship with at least one new person – the recording engineer.  A lot is riding on this person’s abilities and personality during your tracking and mixing sessions.  In fact, we would argue that the engineer is […]Read More »

Go Behind The Scenes of David Bronson's New Album 'Questions'

David Bronson: Embracing Collaboration in the Studio to Craft a Warm, Soul-Infused Rock Album PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Godfrey Diamond: We basically did miniature demos first, which I strongly, strongly believe in. Guitar and vocal and click. It’s always good to lay down the record once before you lay down the […]Read More »

WATCH: Audio-Technica "Ask Me Anything" with Matt McArthur of The Record Company

After graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in music production and engineering, Matt McArthur co-founded New England’s first professional nonprofit recording studio – The Record Company – to give Boston’s community of young musicians a place to hang out, learn and record their compositions. According to The Record Company’s website, […]Read More »

Avoid These Six Mistakes When Recording Your Next Album

Not getting press? Shocker – maybe it’s because your band’s last album sounds like absolute ass. Sorry to be so blunt, but just because you CAN record on your laptop doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do so. After listening to literally thousands of first-time LPs and EPs from various bands throughout the years, I want […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Modulation FX Part 1

We have a lot of guitarists who come through the studio and they have an idea what they want their recordings to sound like, but have no idea how to articulate those ideas in terms of effects we use in the studio. They may have a favorite song with that really awesome swirling sound on […]Read More »

In The Studio With Andrew St. James

19-Year-Old Bay Area Native Demos in Raunchy Bathrooms to Inspire Dusty, Vintage Sound PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Not very structured at all. Much like the last release, several songs on this album I recorded demo-style in a variety of bathrooms (including this real raunchy one in a basement of a […]Read More »

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