“Athens Noisemakers Go Post-Everything on New LP” D.Y.I. by Muuy Biien Due to their penchant for poor spelling, Athens-based noisemakers Muuy Biien have decided to call their latest LP D.Y.I. – fitting for a record bathed in an authentic, charming homemade quality (albeit wrapped in a grunged-out layer of post-punk, Wire-esque drones and spikes). It’s […]Read More »

Deadkill - "No, Never!" Review

Deadkill is among a handful of amazingly abrasive, cocksure, noisy-as-fuck bands from the Pacific Northwest (most of whom have found a home with Good to Die Records). The band’s first full-length, No, Never! is a bombastic affront to your senses. In a word: brilliant. Cop it on vinyl, turn it up full blast and wait […]Read More »

VINYL OF THE MONTH: Opposition Rising

“A metric fuck-ton of guttural, hardcore fury” The sonic bombast that opens Opposition Rising’s new EP is a bit of a false start, tricking the listener into thinking they’ve perhaps picked up a raucous Cheap Trick album. But about 20 seconds in, a full-on onslaught of Boston hardcore is jammed down your throat like a […]Read More »

Von Shakes - "Bohemia" Review

“Dirty indie rock from the other side of the pond” Von Shakes, straight from Dublin, Ireland, recently produced Bohemia, and man, do they kill it on the indie punk stage. Releasing an album that’s heavy in guitar, drums and breakdowns, the band is well on their way to commanding stages around the world. Sporting a […]Read More »

Vinyl of the Month: Terry Malts

“Fuzzed-out punk to damage your needle” It’s hard to know whether or not to take Terry Malts (band, not person) seriously. Their official website redirects to a blog about taco stands, but damn if their new 7-inch isn’t compelling. As part of Windian Records’ new vinyl subscription service, the Malts single is bundled with four […]Read More »

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