VINYL OF THE MONTH: Opposition Rising

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Punk

“A metric fuck-ton of guttural, hardcore fury”

The sonic bombast that opens Opposition Rising’s new EP is a bit of a false start, tricking the listener into thinking they’ve perhaps picked up a raucous Cheap Trick album. But about 20 seconds in, a full-on onslaught of Boston hardcore is jammed down your throat like a well-mixed cocktail of whiskey and Blackflagohol.

The EP is fantastic, so let’s put that right out on front street. Why is it great? Because it’s balls-to-the-wall, authentic Boston hardcore. Waving the flag like Performer faves CHEECH, Opposition Rising gets everything right about what it is to make aggressive, abrasive East Coast music. This ain’t no California skateboard pop nonsense. This is for the kids who wake up in the gutter covered in someone else’s piss and vomit. Delightful, no?

If forced to pick a standout track, this reviewer opts for the minute-long “No Way Out,” if only for its sheer brutality and in-your-face staccato chorus assault. But really, all five tracks are killer, and any fan of BHC should cop this vinyl immediately.

opposition rising LPOpposition Rising
Get Off Your Ass, Get Off Your Knees EP
Boston, MA
(Opposition Records/Pirates Press Records/Rodent Popsicle Records/Riotska Records)
Produced by Richard Marr
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering
Recorded at Galaxy Park Studios, Boston
Size: 10-inch
Speed: 45 rpm
Color: Black Vinyl