Vinyl of the Month: Terry Malts

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Punk

“Fuzzed-out punk to damage your needle”

It’s hard to know whether or not to take Terry Malts (band, not person) seriously. Their official website redirects to a blog about taco stands, but damn if their new 7-inch isn’t compelling. As part of Windian Records’ new vinyl subscription service, the Malts single is bundled with four other 45s in an inaugural box set for the label’s fans/supporters.

Listening to the A-Side, “Living With The Human Race” is like listening to the fuzzy, lo-fi soundtrack to an early Bret Easton Ellis novel. Perhaps if Camden College truly existed, Sean Bateman would have either vomited or had sex to Terry Malts back in the ’80s. Believe it or not, that’s a compliment.


Imagine Hüsker Dü covering The Vaselines, and you’ve pretty much nailed their sound. If that sounds like your thing, then light up that joint, ditch your classes and don’t forget to drop by that party later at Lauren’s dorm…or was it Blair’s…or maybe it was Clay’s house after all?

Terry Malts
Living With The Human Race b/w Over 21
San Francisco, CA
(Windian Records)
Size: 7-inch
Speed: 45 rpm
Color: Black Vinyl
Unites Pressed: Limited to 200 as part of Windian Records Subscription Box Set

Terry Malts "Living With The Human Race" 7-inch vinyl