Sandrider – “Godhead” Review

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Metal, Punk, Reviews

Sandrider is back with their second full-length album and Godhead demonstrates a relentless commitment to their craft. On this latest endeavor, the Seattle-based trio is once again drawing on their signature grimy punk style and are infusing it with abundant and confident energy. While its not a total departure from their first album, the level of expertise and compositional mastery is undeniable.

No time is wasted as the album opens with powerful and driving tracks. The combination of heavy riffs, heavy bass and determined percussion play homage to the Seattle music scene. Included in the mix is a six-minute power ballad (“Godhead”) composed of pulsating guitar riffs, frantic percussion and a well-crafted tempo. These same qualities can be found throughout the album thumping alongside gritty vocals, shifting beats and layers of sludgy weight on “Champions” and “White Limo.”

Where the band takes their sound next remains to be seen, but the strong and varied songwriting, coupled with the intricate compositions are markers of more good things to come. Encompassing the world of grunge with a sharp and distinctive edge, Godhead is a strong sophomore production and clear indicator of the band’s longevity.

sandrider godheadSandrider
Seattle, WA
(Good to Die Records)
Recorded by Matt Bayles (May 2013) – Seattle, WA
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI – Seattle, WA