We the Wild ‘From the Cities We Fled’ Album Review and Video

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Punk

Drenched in cutthroat cut time and amicable angst,  Northwest rockers We The Wild capture a nightmare romance with panicked phrasings and a touch of black fingernail polish.

Opening with the misleadingly gentle click of typewriter keys, the 10-track LP begins its onslaught with the pummeling double bass and banshee guitars of “Still Asunder” which, in spite of its sonic density, is equipped with several melodic hooks.

The record remains active, striding along with the rapture of “Roxy, the Cops Are Here!” and the false empathy of “King of Wounds.”

With busy bell-work and pointed lead lines, We the Wild tactfully juggle aggressive gut-punches with clever phrasings and anthemic choruses on their new LP, From The Cities We Fled. Check it out now on Bandcamp.

We The Wild From The Cities We Fled

We the Wild

From the Cities We Fled

Portland, OR


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