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Inside the Development of the PreSonus StudioLive AI Series Mixers

An Interview with Wesley Smith, Product Manager at PreSonus Editor’s Note: Recently PreSonus sent us one of their new 16-channel (badass) StudioLive AI Series mixers. We tried reviewing it, and ultimately couldn’t. Not because there weren’t good things to say about it, but because there was far too much to try to jam into a […]Read More »

Hacking MIDI Controllers to Create Drum Machine/Guitar Hybrids

In 2001 I started bringing my Ensoniq EPS sampler keyboard on stage to make freestyle beats. It came about in part because as a DJ and producer, it’s always a challenge to be interesting on stage and keep an audience’s attention. But, it was also something born of necessity. I didn’t necessarily have the super […]Read More »

How to Upcycle Discarded Oil Cans to Build Guitars with BOHEMIAN GUITARS

Bohemian Guitars was built on the dream of creating a guitar that looks as good as it sounds – and isn’t out of your price range.  Naturally, that was going to involve some handiwork. So we found a way to upcycle existing materials to create something completely new in the market.  Then we used the […]Read More »

WATCH: A Musician's Guide to Understanding Mic Specifications

Our friends at Shure have a helpful video series up on YouTube that all musicians and pro audio users should watch. First up is a helpful clip that outlines the basics to understanding microphone specs and operating principles. Watch it below and let us know what you think in the comments.Read More »

5 Important Lessons Musicians Can Learn From Custom Gear Builders

Lessons From The Solder Soldiers Music, and the way we make it, is ever-changing. Technology has opened the playing field for makers to turn their ideas into reality faster and at a lower cost than ever before, and as a result there are now more guitar pedals, software synths, FX plug-ins, boutique guitars, analog synths, […]Read More »

How to Hack the TI BeagleBone Black to Make Your Own DIY Synth

The BeagleBone Black is a powerful and low-cost computer the size of an Altoids tin, and can become a DIY synth or effect unit. It can run Linux, a free and open-source operating system. With Csound, a real-time audio synthesis engine, custom synthesizer and effect programs can be designed and executed. While a USB audio […]Read More »

TECH TIPS: Soldering Basics for the Absolute Beginner

Soldering is a method of using a conductive material (solder) to connect a wire with another device, such as another wire, a 1/4 inch plug, a guitar pickup or a circuit board. Solder is a metal alloy with a relatively low melting point; you can think of it as conductive glue. Electronics solder is usually […]Read More »

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