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Lip Sync Music Shares the Ins & Outs of Sync Licensing

The Filthy Love Affair Between Art & Commerce Lauren Harman, CEO of Lip Sync Music, Shares the Ins & Outs of Sync Licensing WHAT WE DO Lip Sync represents music for film/TV/advertisement/video games/new media, acting as an agent on behalf of our artists to tastemakers and “music supervisors.” It is our job to not only […]Read More »

How to Better Organize Your Song Catalogs & Sync Pitches

How to Better Organize Your Song Catalogs & Sync Pitches Give Your Ideas a Home on Songspace  Let’s be honest, most of us artists and songwriters are not very good with keeping our creative lives in order. That’s not meant to be offensive, I personally know the struggle is real. In this DIY world, it’s […]Read More »

Cover Your Ass (and Cover Songs) with Loudr

An Interview with Chris Crawford, CEO/Founder of Loudr on New Ways to License Indie Music It’s long been widely known that recording cover songs is a great way to get a new band or artist known. Even after multi-platinum success, Whitney Houston will forever be remembered for “I Will Always Love You,” which was a […]Read More »

The Revolutionary (And Easy) Way For Songwriters To Make Money Licensing Lyrics

Turn Your Lyrics into a Revenue Stream A Conversation with LyricFind on the Golden Age of Legal Music Lyric Search Lyrics are often overlooked by a music industry that runs on flash and sizzle. I mean, how can you make a stanza go viral? There’s no big-money label involvement with lyrics, just songwriters and their […]Read More »

5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians (UPDATED)

You’ve probably seen many lists outlining revenue opportunities. Here’s a little twist on not just learning what they are, but also how to utilize them. We present: 5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians MASTER/SYNC LICENSES By far, this should be the most important part of your music business plan now. In other words, this is where the […]Read More »

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