Soundstripe VP Jay Harren on Music Licensing and the Perks of Royalty Free Tunes

Have you ever made a video, found the perfect song to match the vibe of your creation, and excitedly publish it to your YouTube channel only to receive a notice from YouTube stating that you are in violation of copyright law and that they must take down your video immediately? It’s the worst, right?

Whether for gaming, personal video creation, advertising, or simple social media posts, in today’s culture music plays a vital role in virtually everyone’s life. Being able to utilize music in a way that doesn’t cause the content creator to run into difficulties is becoming more and more challenging unless the platform being used to host the content has struck a deal with labels and publishers to clear all of the music for specific uses.

This is why royalty-free music has become more and more relevant in recent years. While “royalty free” music is defined on a case-by-case basis by whoever is providing it, at Soundstripe this means that our music library is cleared for any legal use without having to pay any additional fees to labels and publishers outside of the Soundstripe subscription fee.

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Soundstripe is one of the biggest players in this field offering high-quality, major-label quality music to subscribers to use in any of their content. We are able to do this thanks to our full-time staff of producers, composers, vocalists, and mix engineers who collaborate to create music for our catalog across all genres. These artists include Grammy-Award winning mix engineer J.R. McNeely, and legendary music producer Aaron Sprinkle along with several others whose voices and tracks have been heard across countless videos and advertisements over the years.

In order to keep our music offerings fresh, we release over 250 tracks per month, so we also commission music from super-talented third-party artists to help round out our library when needed. Soundstripe wholly owns the rights to all of the music on our platform and as a result our end-users are able to utilize our music in any piece of content they wish from personal videos to nationwide TV advertisements, to gaming channels like Twitch and everything in between without fear that they are going to get the dreaded copyright strike on their account.

In a world where content is being made everywhere from bedrooms to full-blown studios, making sure the music you choose is protected is imperative and places like Soundstripe offer a valid solution.

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