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Eventide H9 MAX wins TEC Award at Winter NAMM 2016

On Saturday January 24th at NAMM, Eventide’s H9 MAX received the award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of: Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects. The H9 MAX gives guitar players an arsenal of Eventide’s best effect algorithms combined with a powerful full function software app for PCs, Mac, and iOS devices. The H9 Control app connects to […]Read More »

Tour Test Giveaway! Win Audio-Technica's System 10 Wireless Stompbox & Get Featured in Print!

Attention Bands! Performer’s got our grubby little paws on the System 10 Stompbox units featured in the video below, courtesy of our awesome friends at Audio-Technica.         WHAT’S THE SCOOP? Here’s the deal – they’re doing no good just sitting in our editorial office, and that’s where YOU come in. We’re searching for a […]Read More »

The 5 Best Bass Distortion Pedals of All Time

Looking for that little something extra for your band? Wanting a bigger sound? It sounds like it’s time to step up your bass tone! With such a wide array of effects on the market, finding the right sound can be daunting. Below, we’ve broken down the features and uses of the five best bass distortion […]Read More »

Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply Review

Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply PROS: durable, simple. CONS: none. PRICE: $169 Pedalboards have come a long way; in the past two or three simple stompboxes would do just fine. Now the average boards are almost as complicated as the multi-effects rack systems from the 1980s. A decent pedalboard needs a decent power supply. Walrus […]Read More »

Audio-Technica turns your pedalboard into a wireless command center

So, how can you turn your guitarist’s pedalboard into a wireless command center? Check out the video below to learn more about Audio-Technica’s System 10 Stompbox Digital Wireless System.Read More »

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