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Emperor X Finds New Uses for the Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Stompbox

“Oh, Chad would love this,” said Roger as he rummaged through the cramped Allston practice space of Pretty & Nice. He found a duffel bag full of wires and pedals and dongles and pulled out a brand new Audio Technica System 10 Wireless Guitar Unit (ATW-1501), still smelling new and off-gassing factory plastic vapor. “Performer […]Read More »

AUDIO-TECHNICA System 10 Digital Wireless Stompbox Review

PROS: Great sound, versatile. CONS: Transmitter’s plastic construction. PRICE: $349 (street) In the past, wireless systems were big, and the sound quality varied. Now Audio-Technica has a digital system that sits on your pedalboard. The receiver is a decent size and has a robust metal construction. The display gives the important info, the signal info, […]Read More »


Built by Robots, Loved by Humans Make Noise modules leave such pretensions as “plug and play” behind and challenge their users from the first bout of voltage to cross their twisted and tangled wires. Make Noise is a Eurorack Synth module maker that revels in the quirks of techno-centricity, unapologetically weird and intimidating at first […]Read More »

EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander Guitar Synthesizer Review & Builder Profile

Handmade FX Pedals from Akron, OH The legendary guitar sounds of yesteryear were created by artists and brands that pulled inspiration from every corner of the world. Pioneers like Les Paul weren’t afraid to try the weird and unexpected in search of new ways to play the guitar, and it is in that great tradition […]Read More »

TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Pedal Review

Reverb was probably the first “effect” for guitarists other than overdrive – originally found on amplifiers, and later in the digital realm, with complicated parameters. TC brings the simplicity of the old, with the sound quality of the 21st Century. The HOF Mini is not much bigger than a business card, so due to the […]Read More »

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