REVIEW: Coppersound Strategy Two-Channel Preamp and Overdrive V2

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

Back in March of 2021 we reviewed Coppersound’s Strategy pedal. The cool Strat-inspired design is as unique as the sound, and now Coppersound has updated it with an additional overdrive mode. Enter the Strategy V2.

Again, the blend of Stratocaster and stompbox design is still there, and for players wanting to take that to a new level, ordering a custom version (even relic’d) to match your guitars is still available. Inside the electronics are based around audio grade Burr Brown Op Amp, along with some unique switching options. We received the Ice Blue metallic, with chrome hardware, a tortoise shell guard, and white knobs.

The traditional Preamp mode is still here, with the volume covering the overall output, and the tone control is a high/low pass filter, the mid point is at about 5 — below that and it starts enhancing the lows, while rolling off high end. Going up from 5, the high frequencies are enhanced, while rolling off low end.

On its own it’s a good way to get “more,” — not to repeat our previous review, but plugging it into a variety of amps as well as a couple of IR loaders and amp sims, it really allows for some serious tonal enhancement. With the volume lower, boosting the highs slightly added a nice glassiness. For players who might have a darker amp, this is a great tool to add in more highs that are practical for guitar. It also pairs nicely with other pedals for gain stacking and works well with other drive pedals.

The update however is an added Overdrive mode, engaged by the mini toggle on the back of the pedal. The ultra-bright LED is blue in the traditional preamp mode, and switches to yellow in overdrive mode. It’s a low- to mid-gain drive, think of it as a “second stage” to the preamp mode. It’s certainly sweeter and grittier. Need that lil tube combo to jump a bit more? This will do the trick. The drive feels like it’s part of the amp itself and when it’s maxed out it’s glorious, rich, full and thick. Picking and volume attack changes make it very reactive to a player and their guitar. There is an additional Internal Gain pot that allows the player to dial in more or less saturation (it comes from the factory set to 50%), which had a nice semi-open response; in high gain settings the saturation smoothed things out just enough to change the character to a tighter and thicker feel.

A smart bypass mode offers some unique options; holding the switch down engages a momentary mode, perfect for making a quick lick or lead jump out of the mix. This is great in both the preamp and overdrive modes, and it can be shut off via an internal dip switch to prevent any user errors or accidents.

A great application for this is on a fly rig where you never know what you’re going to get for a backline amp. Like its predecessor, the aesthetic makes it stand out visually but the sound makes it stand out to everyone who can’t see your pedalboard.


Preamp mode is articulate and very adjustable, overdrive is very natural, perfect pairing of preamp and drive