Yamaha Presents: Home Recording Basics

The Professional Audio Division of Yamaha Music USA presents an educational series of articles that will teach you how to set up the ideal home recording studio, how to choose the best USB interface, how to mix with studio monitor headphones and how to set up studio monitor speakers. These expert articles will give you the practical foundation you need to not only build your own home studio from the ground up, but also to make better home recordings.

In this series, we’ll tackle such topics as what equipment you need to get started in home recording, what a DAW does and how to use multi-tracking software, such as Cubase, to record and mix your music, and how to employ a monitoring system on your desktop that will enable you to better hear and mix your music after it’s recorded.

Yamaha offers a full range or hardware and software to assist in your home (and professional) recording needs. For more information, we recommend you visit the following websites and product guides:

Audio Post-Production

DAW Systems

Studio Monitor Headphones

USB Audio Interfaces