Dog Party – ‘Til You’re Mine Review and Album Stream

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Punk

Dog Party casually smashes through your door without a second thought; your own first thought is “Man, that door is cooler now.”

Each of the bite-sized tracks on Dog Party’s newest LP ‘Til You’re Mine act instantly, with a wash of saturated guitars and a peppy tempo to keep things moving. The vocals are legion – it might be two voices, it might be 200 voices.

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For all of their straight-up “Let’s party!” vibe, Dog Party’s progressions are a thoughtful and premeditated advance over the casual I-IV-V progression of the punk language that they speak so fluently. Songs like “Oh You Know” showcase this bonus level of cool; and the record delivers all the way.

Dog Party 'Til You're Mine on Asian Man Records

Dog Party ‘Til You’re Mine on Asian Man Records

Dog Party

‘Til You’re Mine

Sacramento, CA

(Asian Man Records)

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