LISTEN NOW: Stream the new Hearts + Plugs Summer Essentials compilation

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Indie Rock

The Hearts & Plugs Summer Essentials compilation is the perfect seasonal sampler, featuring great new tracks from Grace Joyner, SUSTO and more. Stream it below.

No summer would be complete without a well-crafted mixtape and Hearts & Plugs has released a doozy this year. Summer Essentials is a sampling of tracks from prominent artists on the label that’s perfect for almost anything you could want to do during the hot summer months.

The mix spans a range of genres, covering everything from introspective synth pop to harmonica-infused Americana and haunting indie rock. Decisive percussion, synthesized keyboards, acoustic guitars, and hazy harmonies are abundant and nestled next to energetic musings and slower, more introspective compositions.

Notable tracks include  “Young Thing” by Grace Joyner, “It Don’t Matter” by ET Anderson and “Dream Girl” by SUSTO.

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