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5 Tips For Making The Most Of Your On-Air Radio Interview

5 Tips For Making The Most Of Your On-Air Radio Interview Congratulations!  A radio station has taken a liking to your music and wants to bring you in for an interview and on-air performance!  This is a huge opportunity to win new fans and gain valuable online content—just look at how one NPR Tiny Desk […]Read More »

The 5 Most Annoying, Ineffective Ways That Bands Seem to Always Promote Their Music

We wholly recommend promoting your band on social media (duh). It’s easily the best way to maintain and grow your following, and it’s arguably eclipsed flyering as the most reliable way to announce a show and reel in a crowd. What we can’t advocate, however, is being obnoxious about it. We’ve all had our nerves […]Read More »

Top 3 Things Every Band Thinks Impress Music Journalists, But Actually Don't

As a music journalist, I receive a plethora of emails from artists pitching themselves hoping for a feature. One major issue I’ve seen with these pitches is that a lot of artists don’t have a great understanding of what would make them an interesting person to write about. Instead, they have a habit of hyping […]Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Didn't Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal

It can be incredibly disheartening and even soul crushing to run a crowdfunding campaign that fails. Just because your campaign failed, however, it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible artist – it could just mean you ran a terrible campaign. With crowdfunding being a relatively new phenomenon, the blueprint for how to run a campaign isn’t entirely […]Read More »

3 Tips For Composers To Boost Your Networking Skills

The methods of finding work are constantly changing, and the type of music that sells is changing even faster. So Performer Magazine has decided to present “3 Tips For Composers To Boost Your Networking Skills.” No matter how long your music career lasts, the difficulty of finding work will persist throughout for all but a […]Read More »

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