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3 of the Most Creative Ways Bands Distribute Download Codes

There seems to be a divide between physical merchandise: from CDs, tapes, and records to T-shirts, other branded items, and digital downloads. The latter is criticized by record collectors and other purists for not existing physically, robbing some of mementos from their fandom. But what if bands paired digital music access with tangible merchandise, other than […]Read More »

4 Creative YouTube Video Ideas for Bands on a Budget

YouTube accounts for nearly a fifth of all internet traffic, and you can be sure that a lot of music consumption comes from the platform, too. It’s commonplace for record labels to upload an audio-only video for YouTube when they do a release, or ensure that they promote an album via YouTube, because it’s such an integral part […]Read More »

A Quick Guide to YouTube Advertising for Musicians

Today’s society loves a good visual, so music videos, live performances, and even lyric videos are becoming huge components in a musician’s tool kit. Plenty of fans stumble upon new music from YouTube – in fact, it’s the number one way that teens today discover music – and many artists use the platform for bonus content, sneak […]Read More »

9 Secrets From Indie Artists for Selling a Ton of Merch After Their Shows

You packed the house. You had a fantastic performance. The entire crowd loved every minute of your set. Now you have to turn that enthusiasm into album and T-shirt sales. How do you go about doing that? That’s a question I asked a few indie hip-hop artists who are masterful at the merch table in hopes […]Read More »

4 Tools Under $20 a Month You Can Use to Run Your PR Campaign

Two universal themes almost every band faces are not enough time and not enough money. You want to take your band to the next level, but it may seem like there’s a road block at every turn. If you’re a band with a limited budget who can’t yet afford to hire a publicist or other members of your […]Read More »

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