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Meet MixRadio: Your Indie-Friendly Global Music Streamer

[Editor’s note – you can now stream a special Performer playlist on MixRadio, featuring great indie tracks from the past 5 years. Download the app and head to “Mixes” to check it out now] While certainly not a new music streamer, MixRadio might be new to you, and is making a big splash this year. […]Read More »

You’re Not a Sellout: Why Independent Artists Should Advertise

I cringe a little bit inside when I hear people say, “Good music will get found.” Who knows how or where this myth got started, but even to this day it’s prevalent…VERY prevalent. I suspect it has something to do with the stories we pay attention to. When you think of Nirvana, you most likely […]Read More »

3 Ways to Make a Living In-Between Music Releases

Three Ways to Make a Living In-Between Music Releases Much has been written about direct-to-fan (DTF) funding platforms as an alternative to traditional financing for albums, tours, or videos. The most notable players in DTF are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and PledgeMusic The concept is simple, an artist sets up a campaign and a budget goal for […]Read More »

5 Practical DIY Film Tips For Musicians

These days being in a band is about way more than just playing music. We’re learning how to record ourselves, program lights, take pictures and of course, make videos.  I’ve always produced no-budget, DIY videos for my bands (cellphone psychedelics, stick figure cartoons, etc.) but I recently took the plunge to produce a video that […]Read More »

How to Target Radio Stations That Will Actually Play Your Music

If you’ve been following the Sonicbids blog, you already know the three things you need to be “radio ready.” But after you’ve met those prerequisites, how do you determine which stations or music programs you should submit your music to for airplay consideration? Radio stations come in a few specific types, and it’s not only AM/FM and […]Read More »

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