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Why Twitter Should Not Be the New Press Release

Twitter is a critically important social media tool for every band. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Twitter is fast, efficient, and gets the point across in 140-character transmissions. It cuts through the digital ether, and God knows we’re all wading in that. It’s the very epitome of less is more. But even though it’s a direct connection with your fans and the media, […]Read More »

Taylor Swift, Spotify and the Musical Food Chain Myth

I cannot tell you how happy I am that the conversation about Taylor Swift and Spotify is happening. Maybe people will start listening to what independent artists like me and my peers have been saying for years now. A little background for those who don’t know me: I’ve been an indie musician by choice for […]Read More »

How to Pitch Your Band When You Can't Afford PR

As my recent “Ask a Publicist” article explained, having a publicist is an essential tool for your band’s growth and success. But not every band can afford the spend, depending on where they are in their development. So if you’re not signed to a label with in-house PR, relax. You are not S.O.L. There are ways to do your own PR […]Read More »

5 Ways To Optimize Your Band’s Email Newsletter

With a multitude of new ways to engage your fanbase online, it’s easy to forget about the most effective tool you have at your disposal – good old-fashioned email. While it may not be as sexy as starting a Kickstarter campaign, building and maintaining a professional looking email newsletter is the most effective way to […]Read More »

6 Ways to Reach Your Kickstarter Goal

We’ve all heard of Kickstarter and some of the amazing success stories that have come from its fundraising platform – LeVar Burton raising $2 million in two days to bring Reading Rainbow back, for example – but how is it done? There are tens of thousands of projects on the site (which has raised almost $1.4 billion in the few years it’s been around), so if […]Read More »

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