Contribute to Performer’s Special Synthesizer Issue!

Do you obsess over oscillators? Do you have more money invested in your Eurorack system than in your retirement plan? Here’s your opportunity to contribute to Performer’s upcoming special issue on synthesizers (due out in July).


Wanna help? Awesome! We have a list of topics we’d like covered (scroll down), but would also love to hear your ideas. Fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested or simply email our editor to learn how to get involved. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more details.

FINAL DEADLINE for all editorial will be Friday, June 10th. Thanks!

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-Intro to Synthesis (basics of oscillators, filters, modulation, etc)
-A timeline of synth history
-Moog vs. ARP: a definitive showdown of the two most classic ’70s synths
-“My Favorite Synth” – show off your fave piece of gear with a short Q&A and photo
-The most underrated synths of all time

-DX7: the worst thing to ever happen to music?
-Today’s hot builders
-Best synth under a grand
-Best synth solo of all-time
-The Synthpop revolution and its lasting effects on indie music
-Favorite analog patches
-The re-issue craze for analog gear
-Getting started with Eurorack
-A primer on modular synths
-The resurgence of analog
-Keith Emerson tribute
-Tips/Tricks for getting great sounds
-Best synth players of all-time
-Glossary of terms
-Buchla – the synth that time forgot?
-ADSR: what is an envelope generator and how does it affect my sound?
-Best settings for cool bass & lead sounds
-Modulation tricks
-“Switched on Bach” vs. “Silver Apples of the Moon”
-Prog: how the Brits revolutionized the modern approach to synth
-Or suggest your own topic!!

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