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See a VW MicroBus Cut in Half!

Is there any more iconic tour vehicle than the VW Bus? If you’ve never sawed one in half (which we fully recommend you do, at least once in your life), here’s your chance to see a cross-section of the famed road warrior and all its interesting features. The VW Bus has been the go-to choice […]Read More »

How to Book House Concerts & Supercharge Tour Revenue

A DIY Guide to Booking Living Room Shows and Creating Superfans I’m a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, and on my summer tour last year I made $25,000 in two months without stepping foot in a bar, club, theater, fair or festival. This summer, I’m on a 60-show North American tour, and every show is taking […]Read More »

The Importance of Being Nice on Tour

[Editor's note: the following article was guest-written by the band Our Friend & The Spiders; check 'em out in the video below] Touring is only easy for a selected few. For most bands, touring is synonymous with packing, driving, getting lost, unpacking, waiting and playing. This sequence is usually repeated more than once and can […]Read More »

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Pledge Music Interview: Funding Advice

  Performer recently had an opportunity to chat with Pledge Music founder Benji Rogers, to discuss his company’s efforts assisting independent musicians in reaching their funding goals.   How did Pledge Music get started? I’m CEO and also the first musician to use it. In fact we tried the system on my own EP.  I […]Read More »

Legal Pad: Creativity For Sale

For better or worse, a record deal consists of a handful of certainties.  One such certainty is that your label, whether major or indie, will own the sound recordings created under your deal.  But can a label own your music’s copyright?  In most instances, the answer is “no,” but this is not always the case.  […]Read More »

The Rebirth of the Cassette

  Upon first hearing buzz about mixtapes and The Walkman, many would grow nostalgic with images of something central to their youth, although some of those images may involve twirling a pen around the inner spool of the cassette to realign the tape. The more desired memories involve recording “tape letters” and splicing together clips […]Read More »

DIY: Step-by-Step Guide to Screen Printing

Spending too much on promo items for your band? You want the freedom to focus on your band without going broke in the process. Well, here’s a way to kill two birds with one proverbial stone; start making your own merch. Many bands go through the Sticker Guy for stickers or Disc Makers for their […]Read More »

Confessions From the Diary of a Road Musician

NASA requires their astronauts to undergo intensive psychological testing before shooting them into space. After all, they’ll be stuffed in a cramped vessel with no way off, and co-workers they can’t escape. Road bands, however, do not require such testing. I have been advocating psych evaluations for road musicians for years, but I’m not holding […]Read More »

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