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4 Tips to Maximize Online Songwriting Collaboration

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Nothing can ever replace the magic of meeting face-to-face with fellow musicians in the studio to write or record, but the power of the Internet and modern music technology has made online collaboration easier than ever.  During my three-year tenure as the host of The VU Backstage, a music talk program at Vanderbilt […]Read More »

Lip Sync Music Shares the Ins & Outs of Sync Licensing

The Filthy Love Affair Between Art & Commerce Lauren Harman, CEO of Lip Sync Music, Shares the Ins & Outs of Sync Licensing WHAT WE DO Lip Sync represents music for film/TV/advertisement/video games/new media, acting as an agent on behalf of our artists to tastemakers and “music supervisors.” It is our job to not only […]Read More »

How to Engage Fans to Power Your Tour With Mobile Tech

Book More Effectively & Mitigate Road Risks With Free App Fanflex  Touring is hard, always has been. There’s the constant scheduling with booking agents, clubs that want to ram a mid-week discount down your throat, and that nagging feeling that you’re going to play a half-empty venue. Sure, it’s not a big deal for major […]Read More »

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Pledge Music Interview: Funding Advice

  Performer recently had an opportunity to chat with Pledge Music founder Benji Rogers, to discuss his company’s efforts assisting independent musicians in reaching their funding goals.   How did Pledge Music get started? I’m CEO and also the first musician to use it. In fact we tried the system on my own EP.  I […]Read More »

Legal Pad: Creativity For Sale

For better or worse, a record deal consists of a handful of certainties.  One such certainty is that your label, whether major or indie, will own the sound recordings created under your deal.  But can a label own your music’s copyright?  In most instances, the answer is “no,” but this is not always the case.  […]Read More »

The Rebirth of the Cassette

  Upon first hearing buzz about mixtapes and The Walkman, many would grow nostalgic with images of something central to their youth, although some of those images may involve twirling a pen around the inner spool of the cassette to realign the tape. The more desired memories involve recording “tape letters” and splicing together clips […]Read More »

Confessions From the Diary of a Road Musician

NASA requires their astronauts to undergo intensive psychological testing before shooting them into space. After all, they’ll be stuffed in a cramped vessel with no way off, and co-workers they can’t escape. Road bands, however, do not require such testing. I have been advocating psych evaluations for road musicians for years, but I’m not holding […]Read More »

Legal Pad: Guide to Selling Your Music Online

Digital Down Low WITH PHYSICAL ALBUM SALES DECLINING in 2009 for the eighth time in nine years, the writing has been on the wall for nearly a decade.  And if the future of music lies in digital downloads, iTunes and its behemoth 70 percent digital music market is clearly the place to be.  For indie […]Read More »

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