Home Studio Makeover: The Headphones

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Home Studio Makeover by Harman

When it comes time to not only tracking but listening back to some of the fruits of your labor, you’re going to want the most accommodating headphones to listen back with! And that’s why when I set up my new home studio space, I opted for the AKG K371-BT Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Whether I’m in studio or on-the-go, access to superb sound is of the utmost importance to me. Finding a set of headphones that enhances my busy, mobile lifestyle while also accommodating my home recording needs wasn’t easy. That is, until I was introduced to the AKG K371-BT closed- back Bluetooth headphones. With a 40-hour USB rechargeable battery life, these headphones stand up to the most demanding lifestyles with ease.

Enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 for strong, reliable connectivity, this foldable, modern-style headset really does check off every box in my search queue. To achieve TRULY neutral sound, these amazing headphones are tuned to the AKG Reference Response Acoustics Curve; an innovative feature that means the K371-BT’s largest in-class 50mm titanium-coated drivers are primed for maximum performance.

With an extended frequency response of 5Hz – 40kHz, the K371-BT is optimized for you to hear a broader spectrum of sound. The oval earcups themselves have pads so soft and comfortable, I sometimes forget I’m wearing headphones at all! This is great for extended editing sessions, where it’s now easier to work longer without the over-ear stress some headphones can cause.

In studio, I prefer to utilize the K371-BTs closed-back technology for tracking, editing and accurate playback; mainly because I can work distraction-free, with the least possible leakage of sound out of or into my headphones. So far, I’ve had a low-latency experience with my headphones in Bluetooth mode; and to go COMPLETELY latency-free, all I have to do is plug my headphones into my mixing board or interface and BOOM! Zero delay in the signal! This is easily achievable with a little help from the included 3m coiled or straight cables and the 1/8” to 1/4” adapter.

For less than $200 USD, these glorious-sounding headphones can be added to your own creative arsenal. More amazing fine points about the K371-BT can be found at AKG.com, where I encourage you to log on for some truly remarkable tech.

And now that the studio is set up in full, I am fully capable of tracking albums, doing voiceovers, whatever I like to do; as well as taking the board outside and recording and tracking live at a concert! The possibilities are literally limitless. THANK YOU to everybody that’s participated in this: JBL Audio, AKG, Soundcraft, and Performer Magazine. Cheers!