Home Studio Makeover by Harman

The Harman Home Studio Makeover

Recently, we hooked up the artist known as Effswell (aka Joseph Cross) with a complete home studio recording package courtesy of our friends at Harman, incorporating products from JBL, AKG and Soundcraft.

The goal was to take a sad home studio setup (sorry Joseph!) and completely renovate it from the ground up with everything an artist would need to make a full record from home: mics, headphones, studio monitors and a mixing desk/interface. 

Effswell installed all the gear in his home recording space and crafted an entire video series on our YouTube channel chronicling his journey to home studio bliss.

Your Home Studio Makeover Host: Joseph Cross aka Efswell

We’ve set up this mini-site to help educate fellow artists on how to build their own home studios from the ground up, following Joseph’s advice, and incorporating some of the awesome products donated by Harman.