[REVIEW] D&A Headlock and Grip Guitar Wall Hangers

D&A Headlock guitar wall hanger

Performer Magazine reviews the new D&A Guitar Gear Headlock & Grip Guitar Wall Mounts, the perfect solution for any guitarist, bassist or studio.


Secure mounting, great design, low price.





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In August 2016 we reviewed D&A’s HYDRA Triple Guitar stand, which has a unique clamping system to secure an instrument at the headstock. Now they offer that same feature in a wall hanger format, which is the perfect way to clean up your rehearsal room or cluttered studio floor.

The Headlock model can mount to a wall with standard drywall screws and hardware, however securing to a wall stud is ALWAYS the best situation, especially when a beloved instrument will sit there. The metal attachment is big enough to offer proper anchoring, but not take up a ton of space. The screws have a nice sleek cover that neaten up the appearance (something we haven’t seen on other wall mount systems). So, these will fit almost any décor or style.

Once securely mounted on the wall, slide the headstock of your instrument in the rubber padded “C” shaped rest, and the instrument’s weight engages a thick transparent plastic spring-loaded gate on the front, completely securing your prized axe from falling forward. Lift the instrument up, the tension releases and the gate opens up for easy access. It’s a simple, yet elegant little piece of engineering.

D&A Headlock

D&A Headlock

There is a simpler version that D&A offers as well, called the Grip. It mounts to any wall in a similar fashion as the Headlock, but this is more akin to a standard guitar mount — no mechanisms, just a rubber padded “C” shaped rest that can grip a headstock securely. If you’re buying a lot of these, you may wish to purchase a number of Grips to save on cost. But if you’ve only got a few instruments to mount, we recommend spending the extra couple of bucks on the Headlocks. They’re a tad nicer and the locking mechanism feels a bit more secure.

Both the Headlock and Grip’s rubber surfaces are safe for all instrument finishes (including nitro, found on most Gibson guitars), and come in classic color schemes like all black or a white rubber, with chrome. It’s nice to get the high-end features of the HYDRA stand in a simple, affordable wall unit. If you’re looking for a way to clear up floor (or closet) space in the studio or in your rehearsal room, give these a look. We totally recommend them.

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