HYDRA Triple Guitar Stand Review

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Best Electric Guitars, Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

The HYDRA Triple Guitar Stand from D&A Guitar Gear is a rock-solid, must-have stage and studio accessory for every guitarist.

The old school chrome and brown rubber surgical tubing guitar stands were standard fare back in the day. Later on the effects of the rubber tubing discoloring nitrocellulose finishes were realized, and while companies have come up with alternatives, there really hasn’t been any real breakthrough in stand design in recent memory. Now, D&A Guitar Gear has really beefed up the idea of what a guitar stand should be, in more ways than one, with the new Hyrda Triple Guitar Stand.

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The HYDRA has six legs at the bottom, for superior stability. With heavy instruments, it would be easy to get lopsided on normal stands, but not here. Each leg is also coated with a neoprene sleeve, so if any instrument bumps against it, no dings, and if it rests against it, no finish damage. The overall feel is mega-beefy and robust, closer in feel to an upscale camera tripod than the usual wimpy no-name guitar stand most retails carry.  Placing it on the ground feels like NASA landing a probe on Mars. Slide the headstock in the rubber padded “C” shaped rest, and the instrument’s weight engages a spring-loaded gate on the front, completely securing the instrument from falling forward. It’s like Tony Stark designed this feature. The back rests against a padded “T” section.

HYDRA Triple Guitar Stand

HYDRA Triple Guitar Stand

Its height is adjustable, fitting basses as well as guitars with ease. Placement in a corner might be tough, as access to all your instruments might be a bit awkward, having to reach over and get that third axe – but even with just 2 instruments on it, the stability is still there, and no more worrying about your precious instruments falling over!

While it’s well designed and well-built, it’s certainly not cheap, coming in at $149 street. It does collapse easily, and doesn’t take a lot of space, so for gigs it’s a great idea to toss in the van for a band on the road. Heck, if the singer plays guitar, and there is another guitar player, use the band fund (you do have a band fund, don’t you?) and spring for one of these, and there will be fewer stands to knock over on stage, and all of your instruments will be nice, safe, and upright. We couldn’t be more impressed with how well this stand…well, stands up against the competition. Believe us, we tried to knock a few guitars off it and failed. Miserably.


Beefy design, super stable.


Slightly expensive.



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