Zig Zags premiere new thrash metal track “The Sadist”

Zig Zags premiere new thrash metal track “The Sadist” EXCLUSIVELY at performermag.com

Performer has been head-banging to this track non-stop since we first heard it, and we’re super pumped to be able to premiere it now for you. Read more about the track after the jump…

LISTEN below and sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

“The Sadist is based on our love of early Metallica and Slayer. We tried to get a guitar tone and drum sound that resembled that. I like the old more lo-fi sounding thrash as opposed to super modern metal with triggered drums and shit like that. The song is about homelessness in America and specifically LA’s skid row. The Sadist is the system that makes it impossible for people to ever get back on their feet once they get kicked down.” – Jed Maheu, Zig Zags

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