We The Wild Premiere “Ol’ Boy” Music Video

Performer Magazine is excited to premiere the bone-crushing new single “Ol’ Boy” by Portland’s We The Wild.

The new We The Wild album From The Cities We Fled is out August 12th (more info after the jump). Here’s a personal message from the Portland-based band:

“The core message in “Ol’ Boy” is about independence and self worth. People are constantly changing, and not always for the better. And sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of strangers that we once called friends. “Ol’ Boy” is about accepting change, and moving forward. It is an anthem for those who are ready to take the necessary first steps toward happiness, and a life away from people and things that want to drag you down with them.”

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About the “Ol’ Boy” Video from We The Wild

We The Wild

We The Wild

We The Wild’s music video for the single “Ol’ Boy” tells a story of mystery; set in the rural farmlands on the outskirts of town, the sprawling countryside exposes the beautiful and raw Northwest landscape.  The story follows a girl who, although surrounded by friends and a social/communal home life, is internally captive to a deep melancholy just below the surface, as well as an overwhelming feeling of isolation, despite an apparent abundance of human contact.  She remains fixated on a skeleton key throughout, hinting at a longing or remembrance to someone in her past that it is connected to it somehow.  The story culminates with our protagonist fleeing in a panic from her assumed home into the night, and being stumbled upon by a faceless stranger in an old truck who has an identical key swinging ominously from the rearview mirror.

We The Wild From The Cities We Fled album cover

We The Wild From The Cities We Fled album cover

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