WATCH: Disclosure Takes on Global Dance Scene From the Home Studio

Starting out from their dad’s home studio, British brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence exploded onto the UK’s music scene as dance duo Disclosure. Breakthrough single Tenderly/Flow and their remix of Jessie Ware’s Running, achieved national airplay in the UK in 2012, but it was Settle, their 2013 debut LP that took the duo to dizzying heights. Being brothers definitely facilitates their work, says Howard: “When there is something that you disagree on you can just say straight up what it is and don’t have to be careful. Because it’s your brother you can just say it – ‘that’s rubbish, let’s not have it’, and it’s always fine.”

You could say that Disclosure are making global success look easy, but their rise also speaks volumes about the hard work, determination and unstintingly high production standards that have brought out their inherent musicality. “If we didn’t have anything we weren’t happy with putting out, we’d just stop”, says Guy and Howard continues: “If you’ve got nothing to say, it’s better to say nothing – that’s how it should be.” Disclosure have MOMENTUM.’

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