WATCH: Turn Any Touchable Object Into a Musical Instrument

Bruno Zamborlin is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved. Lots of great prizes are waiting for you.

A technologist, researcher, designer and musician, Bruno Zamborlin is a pioneer in the growing field of music technology. Wanting to break the barriers between the digital and the real world, and unleash the sounds latent in every object around us, he devised Mogees: an innovative new device that allows everyone, despite their music or technology background, to literally transform any touchable object around them into a unique and powerful musical instrument. Bruno’s mission is to open up gestural vocabulary to promote spontaneous creativity, allowing people across the world to use Mogees as a means to express themselves wherever they may be. Bruno Zamborlin has MOMENTUM.

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