Kosha Dillz Drops New Video for “Dodging Bullets ft. Matisyahu”

Performer Magazine is excited to share the new Kosha Dillz music video for “Dodging Bullets ft. Matisyahu

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Read more after the video about how Kosha Dillz hit SIX! different Billboard Charts with his new album What I Do All Day & Pickle.

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Kosha Dillz dropped us a detailed note about how he managed to hit six different Billboard charts with his new LP, which we’re sharing below…

Never would I ever Believe

I once was in Billboard Magazine in 2010 when I landed in this rap battle for Red Bull. It was Eminem’s come back time from Recovery. It was at Bowery Ballroom. 200 people were there and I entered to battle some kid named Quest Mccody. ” Time to get your respect up, You look like a character from the legend of Zelda”. That was my line that etched me in Billboard History.

Eminem most likely read the story about his come back. If not he at least read the first line of the cover story.

So now fast forward 6 more summers. I release an EP in 2011 called Gina and the Garage Sale. Gina had overdosed so I added her name to “The Garage Sale” signifying the inner cleansing of my house. I get a superbowl commercial. I release an album in 2013 called Awkward in a Good Way which created my hit song Hangin’ Out, that gets licensed to a SEARS Commercial. Gangsta Boo and Murs get on it. Murs is on it twice. . Then I get a new song on the radio. Then I get a call from my agent and he said someone gets Warped Tour. I tell him congrats. He says no you idiot, you got warped tour. 41 dates!

Woah. How? This is the beginning of my Billboard Chart Journey

I don’t know what to do with it. Im pretty broke so I start street performing and then preparing for Warped Tour. I start making an album. I put it out myself. I make 16 songs and chop it down to 9 and then add 2 more. I am just living in LA. What I do All Day is an anthem to my life. The Pickle was a creation of Miko, my genius creative Director who spoofed me on Andy Warhol creation of Velvet Underground and Nico Banana.

I use the last of my $$$ to help make the album. I feature lots of my friends on it. It has Matisyahu, Flex Mathews, Mickey Shiloh, IDA HAWK (who I met after Belief spoke at the ASCAP Conference) Nina Dioz, and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep. Beats were made by Curtiss King and YUC Beats, and Belief, Ski Beatz, and Nate Greenberg helped me out with a track each. I am grateful for my friends.

But wait Kosha how did you do it ? How did you get on charts? You’re big time now!

I make a kickstarter to launch an EP , which turned out to be an LP.
I go on tour with Matisyahu and 311 to perform our song, and thousands of people hear it.
I create bundle packages, street perform to help pre-sale albums before tour, and even learn how to push it on every digital platform. I get my album on the front page of Itunes New Music the first week, and front page of New Rap / Hip Hop. I ask people if they’d like the album to purchase, and they agree to purchase it.



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BIg Cartel // Physical CD Signed



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The Guest Vocalists on What I Do All Day and Pickle

Matisyahu is doing just fine. He is playing for thousands of people, working on a new album , and on a summer amphitheater tour with 311. Our song “Dodging Bullets” is on 44 college radio stations and soon to be MTV. It is an Anti-BDS anthem mixed with Gun Control and Experience. Watch out new music video here

Flex Mathews is one of DC’s best emcees. He is in a group called Congo Sanchez, lead by the drummer of Thievery Corporation.

Mickey Shiloh is a beauty. A lil female Drake, the cute lil black Jewish girl also pens hits for Pit Bull, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and writes for Rihanna. Her biggest fan is Kylie Jenner, who can’t seem to stop snap-chatting her song “Drunk on the Mic.”

Nina Dioz is Mexico’s lil rap superstar. The girl can rap in Spanish better than anyone I know 🙂 She was in Grand Theft Auto 5.

IDA HAWK is no joke. When we didn’t randomly meet at the ASCAP conference where I got a shout out from Belief, we made 4 AM before I ever even heard her sing. She tours with a guy named GRIZ and played Bonnaroo this summer.

Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep needs no intro. He is the leader of Turquoise Jeep, the legendary group famous for youtube hit Smang It, with over 35 million youtube views and a frequent tour friend.

The Producers of What I Do All Day and Pickle

Curitss King is the truth. A real hustler, information share master, and a man who created my deeper songs on the album, he made Varsity Blues, Beneath the Wound, + Hola Chaverim Shalom Amigos. He has produced for Murs, E-40 and the ever so amazing Kendrick Lamar.

YUC Beats is a local Jewish kid who is 19 and studying in Yeshiva in Israel. He told me he believes that G-d sends him the strength to make “these bangers.” He literally said that. This kid main purpose in life is to create, and he is one of the best to do it. He made 4 in the Morning, No You Can’t, What I Do All Day, and Dodging Bullets.

Jesse Shatkin // Belief – THis guy is the guy that made Beverly Dillz and Awkward in a Good Way. Although we don’t get to work so much anymore, he was responsible for the Bud Light Superbowl commercial with Cellular Phone and helping me on my first 3 solo releases also creates hits for Sia, One Direction and writes with Adele on his spare time. He also made lots of music for boy Kyle Rapps. The song we made was Don’t Know Sh#t, which is an anthem for all the judgmental people who think they know me (but don’t know Sh#T).

Ski Beatz – When he is not touring with Mobb Deep as their amazing DJ, he is ever so etched in the stones of hip hop as the producer of Dead Presidents for Jay Z. I met him through Murs , who put out my last album. Watch out video here for Half A World Away.

Nate Greenberg. – Nate is my friend. He is a guy you can call up and say I need this that and this remixed and that created with that and those, and he’ll make it come out like that. He made the song So Many People – Krakow. It was the last song on the album. I made it in my hotel room in Krakow after I went to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps with my Mom and Great Aunt. I always feel I need something very Jewish on my albums.

couple more tingzzzz btw.


July 27 Democratic National Convention Street Perform Philadelphia, PA
Aug 3 Low End Theory @ Airliner Los Angeles, CA
Aug 12 Hollywood Palladium w/ Matisyahu Los Angeles, CA
Sept 14 Old Dominion University Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 28 Heidelburg University Tiffin, OH
Dec 6 ADL National Gala Beverly Hilton Los Angeles, CA

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