WATCH: Human Beatbox EKLIPS Seeks to Beat Eminem’s Speed Rapping Record

Charismatic, cool and infinitely talented, world-famous beatbox artist EKLIPS exudes a magnetic force of personality and bewildering skills on the mic that has held crowds mesmerised around the world. For two decades as one of the world’s greatest human beatboxes, a flawless mimic capable of absorbing and replicating human and instrumental sounds, EKLIPS has redefined the art of beatboxing, and pushed the limits of the human voice.

A supreme showman, one of EKLIPS’ signature tricks is imitating rap artists with uncanny precision. His own imitation of Eminem led him to wonder if he could match Eminem’s legendary unofficial world record for rapping more than 101 words in 16 seconds. Could he take that on? Could he beat the record and become the master rather than the imitator? Watch as we join him on his journey to train his verbal dexterity to new heights. We see his struggle and progress leading up to the record attempt, and witness one of the world’s greatest human beatboxes make a bid for the hip-hop history books.

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This record attempt is just one further step on his journey, showing his fearlessness in the face of adversity and single-minded search for the next impossible thing to make possible.

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Hailing from Bourgogne, France, EKLIPS lives in Paris for over ten years.  By now, he is one of the most famous human beatbox artists in the world and even shares the global top three in beatboxing. EKLIPS has been performing since 1990, both solo and in collaborations with artists such as Killa Kela, Scratch (the Roots), Sly the Mic Buddah (Saïan Supa Crew), and has supported MOP, DMX and Kerry James.

His gigs have attracted awestruck crowds around the world. As well as frequent shows in the UK, Germany and France, EKLIPS’ global popularity has taken him to every corner of the planet. He has just completed recent tour of Asia collaborating with DJ Mouss, playing in Shanghai, Taipei, Beijing, Pattaya, Ho Chi Minh, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur.

EKLIPS is an inspirational figure in the world of hip-hop, but has also inspired Sennheiser. He worked with Sennheiser in San Francisco to develop a special wireless beatbox microphone concept capable of sampling and looping an artist’s voice, while capturing the breadth and nuance of the beatbox performance.

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