Wonderflu – “No End in Sight” Review

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Reviews

Paris natives Wonderflu have released a new EP of hard-hitting, gritty and driving indie rock. No End in Sight is riddled with intense and piercing guitar riffs, thumping percussion and raw vocals. The band draws on an array of genres spanning punk, indie, metal and acoustic, which creates an album that is wholly unpredictable.

The record opens with “Fine Now,” a track containing all the elements of a true punk ballad – callous melodies and feverish progressions that end just as quickly as they begin. Up next is a slower tempo and substantially darker atmosphere on “Anybody.” Layers of menacing vocals are set to rock-anthem guitar ballads and it is the album’s emotional rock bottom moment. But just as quickly as listeners are brought down they are thrown right back up with the pop-infused indie melodies of “Flames” and the stripped-down acoustics of “Power of Time.” “Thunder’s Grave” is a fable-like track about the agony of love and relationships that grows from quiet guitar strings to electric harmonies and crooning backing vocals. The album finishes with a final darker track about mistakes and regret, entitled “Try to Try.”

No End in Sight is a rollercoaster ride. Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on the band’s intentions and where they might go next, an entirely new sound comes barreling out of the speakers. This lack of continuity is not always easy to pull off, but on a short EP such as this, Wonderflu accomplishes the tricky task of engaging listeners from start to finish. It’s an utter whirlwind, and well worth listening to.

  • Engineered and Mixed by Thomas Vierin, Yann Poupon and Quentin Toussaint
  • Mastered by Arno Bordas


  • wonderfluWonderflu
  • No End in Sight
  • Paris, France
  • (Influenza Records)
  • “Rough, gritty indie rock of Parisian descent”