The Purrs
Rotting On The Vine (Single)
Seattle, WA
(Fin Records)

“Seattle’s Answer to Britpop and Drugged-Out Psychedelia”

The Purrs’ latest vinyl single blasts out a triumphant blend of psychedelic garage rock and Britpop, replete with swirling fuzz guitars and Stone Roses-esque vocal harmonies. There’s a certain looseness to the track, which when listened to through headphones, really makes things sound “alive.” If only more rock bands recorded like this, perhaps we wouldn’t have to endure a never-ending parade of Beyoncé clones on the radio. At times, “Rotting On The Vine” may sound a little too Stone Roses, but in an era of lip-synced, Auto-Tuned musical diarrhea, is that such a bad thing?

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The B-Side, “You, The Medicine And Me,” enters the fray with a more surreal, atmospheric wash of droning guitars and female background vocals. Drums finally beat about a minute in, as things slowly crescendo towards a chorus full of soaring, sustained, violin-like guitar tones. The track chugs along to a more proper lead guitar solo, while the rhythm keeps the drone churning. This crafty 7-inch ultimately plays out like a drug-induced haze, and that’s a good thing.

Engineered by Johnny Sangster, Conrad Uno & The Purrs
Produced by The Purrs & Johnny Sangster
Mixed at Electrokitty
Mastered at RFI by Ed Brooks
Color: Clear Vinyl
Speed: 45 RPM
Pressing: Limited to 500

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