Vinyl of the month: Saything

Momentary Ens
Oakland, CA

“Rich, confident and progressive”

Bay Area group Saything has been busy this year. Their work – which has included a winter West Coast tour, a new music video and the freshly released album, Momentary Ens – is paying off and steering these progressive indie rockers in a positive direction.

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The difference between their EP Loons and their debut LP, Momentary Ens, is remarkable. Loons was wonderfully arranged, and was a friendly, but not too friendly, introduction to the band. The EP opener “Offing the Offering” was like a gentle handshake at first, and then once both parties were comfortable, enter the rich guitars and confident bass rejoicing over a newfound friendship. (Loons is available for free on the band’s website.)

With Momentary Ens, the band’s musical progression is cheerfully apparent. While the group’s influences could be pinned down to a few select bands, there’s a colorful diversity within the Momentary Ens tracks. One of the strongest songs is “Listen All Day,” which in the first few seconds resembles the opening notes of a smooth, sunny mountain bluegrass number. The band achieves the indie rock aesthetic, with small but strong punk and grungy garage tendencies. (Self-released)

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