Vinyl of the Month: Heaven


Mountains Move b/w Falling Apple

Brooklyn, NY

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“An atmospheric sonic ocean”

Brooklyn’s Heaven has just released their latest 7-inch, featuring the A-side “Mountains Move” and “Falling Apple” on the reverse. “Mountains Move” is sneaky; it begins its attack with an unassuming murmur of guitars and a sustained, pulsating synth. The droning vocals soon kick in, and you’re suddenly awash in a sea of atmospheric, driving rock. The track harkens back to a time when U2 was setting the world ablaze with the The Joshua Tree – back when they were still experimenting with sound and texture, and not being obnoxious political activists. Hey Bono, take off your sunglasses – you’re indoors.

Flip the disc over and you’ll be treated to “Falling Apple.” While it may sound similar to it’s A-side brother upon first listen, this one’s less melodic and more textural – and that’s not a bad thing. Some bands can lose their sense of identity when they delve into shoegaze territory, and end up sounding, well…boring. But Heaven thankfully avoids these mistakes and manages to make their drone sound interesting and fresh, even if they do, occasionally, sound like they’ve listened to Loveless one too many times.

Give Heaven’s latest 45 a listen, preferably in the dark with a good candle.

Vinyl Mastering: Josh Bonati in Dumbo Brooklyn

Vinyl Pressing: Brooklyn Phono

Initial Run: 500

Format: 45 rpm

Color: Black

Record Label: Goodnight Records

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