by | Aug 10, 2011 | Reviews

Family of Love EP
Worcester, MA

“Sunburned indie-pop with an edge”

Dom wastes no time getting right into the throws of good music with Family of Love EP. The Worcester, MA natives are another band spewing forth from the sunburned beach-pop scene.  But with a nonchalant, “we do what we want” kind of attitude, they have an edge most bands in this genre are missing.

The album kicks things off with “Damn,” featuring energetic beats, smooth vocals, and lyrics submerged in emotion. “Family of Love” is a lovely anthem, soft and flowing with an air of chill. “Some Boys” features the quiet vocals of the band’s friend Emma set to a ’60s-eque pop harmony. The five-track EP wraps up with “Telephone,” another relaxed tune about the giddiness of a phone call from that special someone.

“Happy Birthday Party” is the album’s best track. The hooks are addictive and the beats punch. Deceptively simple and yet undeniably uplifting, it is quite frankly, perfect for a party, birthday or otherwise.

Family of Love is another hit from this indie-pop combo. With emotional lyrics of love, longing, and heartbreak set to intoxicating beats and melodies, here’s an album that will be hard to put back on the shelf. (Astralwerks)