VINYL OF THE MONTH: Cali Giraffes “All My Life b/w Lazy Days”

Cali Giraffes

All My Life b/w Lazy Days
Seattle, WA
(Fin Records)

“Killer pop with spunk and spit”

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Cali Giraffes consists of Kim Warnick (The Fastbacks, Visqueen) and Mikey Davis (Alien Crime Syndicate, Little Hearts), and thank God these two talents have collided. Did you dig Letters to Cleo or Veruca Salt back in the ’90s? Then you’re gonna go absolutely apeshit for this new 7-inch. The A-Side, “All My Life,” is catchy as hell, features head-bobbing refrains and will induce a new wave of My So-Called Life nostalgia in even the most jaded hipster.
Flip the disc and Davis takes over the vocals quite nicely, leading the listener to a Lemonheads-induced dreamy haze (it’s no coincidence that ’Heads frontman Evan Dando was initially in the group, and is considered the catalyst for the duo’s continued musical connection).

Got five minutes and a love for indie pop? Then throw this on the turntable, bust out that Blind Melon t-shirt and get ready to watch that Blossom DVD box set you’ve been waiting to tear open. Whoa!

Produced & Mixed by Matt Bayles
Mixed at Red Room
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI
Format: 7-inch
Speed: 45 rpm
Color: Clear Blue Vinyl
Limited Edition: 500 Units Pressed

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