The Tins

Life’s a Gas

Buffalo, NY
“Grab your friends for bright, melodic power pop hooks”

Released on the heels of two praised EPs – most recently, December’s Imaginary Cupcakes – the Buffalo, NY trio finally have their much-anticipated full length, Life’s a Gas. Jubilant harmonies, keyboard flourishes and relentless hook-filled rhythms make selecting standouts challenging; Life’s a Gas bares many.

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A distorted bass leads out of a thudding kick and cymbal crash on the street-walking party ballad, “Vicki” singing, “Vicki’s never gonna let up / she wanted to be different but / if she thinks I’m gonna give up / or walk into the party / I won’t ricochet.” Duel singers, Mike Santillo (keyboard) and Adam Putzer (guitar) have great vocal chemistry, featuring call and response, complementing harmonies and a conversational style that’s hooky and affable. Throughout the day, you’ll find yourself humming the edgy single, “I won’t ricochet-chet-chet.”

The verse/chorus framework maintains, but is tinkered by driving guitar-fronted rhythm (“Midnight Crowd” and “16 Colors”) and bubbling keyboard melodies (“Hit and Miss” and “We Fought the Moon”).  Incidentally, “We Fought the Moon” has a coupled harmony in its chorus that feels like a conduit to Team Boo-era Mates of State, power pop at its greatest.

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed at Black Dog Recording Studio by Joe Blaney

Mastered at Crystal Mountain Studios by Stevin McNamara

Produced by Joe Blaney

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