The Nightmare River Band

“Infectious sing-along alternative folk”

Last Goodbye

New York, NY

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The Nightmare River Band’s Last Goodbye is a strong follow up to their 2009 debut Call the Cops! The New York based band is quickly pushing their way into the spotlight of the alt-folk/Americana music scene, claiming, “We’re coming to your town whether you like it or not.” But believe me, you’ll like it.

Last Goodbye features catchy, bursting choruses by front man Matt Krahula, coupled with twanging guitars and delightfully simple rhythms. The album has a mixture of sweet lyrics reminiscent of the Avett Brothers and infectious rhythms echoing Mumford and Sons.

Opening tracks like “Mary” and “Oh Me Oh My” set the playful, bouncing mood of the album, with choruses that demand to be sung along to. The sounds of a harmonious quartet of back-up singers powerfully accent Krahula’s strong voice in the choruses and the raucous country beats, which more than likely make for some delightfully rowdy live shows.

As the album progresses, tracks like “Walk On” and “Life Just Stops” successfully bridge a stronger pop-rock sound, trading country sounds for electric guitars and featuring lyrics delivered more forcefully than the lighter, folksy tracks. The album is a gem that combines the pleasantries of folk with the power of alternative rock, all the while serenading you with love and loss, metaphors of robots and Superman, and honest words.

Produced and Mixed by Dan Romer

Mastered by Devin Kerr

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