The Brothers Comatose

“Swaggering, fun-loving boots and denim bluegrass”

Respect The Van

San Francisco, CA

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Believe it or not, it’s tough to create foot stomping rhythms without the use of percussion. San Francisco quintet the Brothers Comatose are one of those modern, rambling bluegrass ensembles that sustains up-tempo tunes, joint harmonization and plucking along via chirping mandolins, fiddles, guitars, banjos and upright bass.

Some of the songs are so infectious that they’re hard not to quote, “I am the scout / you are the man / you’re all grown up and you do what you can / you say I don’t know nothing / but you’ll surely see … I’m staying young forever / that’s how it’s going to be,” (“The Scout”). Here the group ratchets back the country kitsch and brandishes strong, unwieldy youthful vigor.

The backcountry anthem “Feels Like The Devil” feels more Ken Burns than Nickel Creek – a catchy tune that could insight a boots and barn dance event given the right audience. “The Van Song” is a gem that echoes the dueling guitars before jolting the listener with a full-sprint Dixie dash. Although the lyrics could use some maturing (“Pie for Breakfast”), the record offers up what it should, establishing a signature sound and showing off competent musicianship.

Engineered by Matt Wright and Tim Bluhm

Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, CA

Mastered by JJ Golden

Produced by The Brothers Comatose

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