Some Army

Some Army EP

Chapel Hill, NC

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“Gorgeous group of indie hymnals”


The latest release by the Chapel Hill sextet of astral indie rockers, this self-titled EP is a parasol of sentiment and kindly cultivated refrains that protect the heart and entertain the ears.

Song after song is packed with gentle, hyper-palpable melodies that drift along like cubozoa in the tide, wherein comforting couplets sway like favored letters from home. The group’s explorative use of space, cascading chords and nostalgic tones serves as an aide-mémoire towards the ideals of organic rock, and the manner with which it is adorned with grace and shadows conjures up the sultriest pathos.

The EP’s closer, “Children of the Maiz,” is a mid-tempo stroll adorned with dreamy slide guitars, elevated organs and heavy-hearted croons. Singer Russell Baggett gently pipes “I know I’m just a razor blade among so many knives, but I bet that I could cut you if I tried” as the verses softly coast by, before riding up a marching crescendo of unfeigned dissonance.

This collection of authentic artistry is an ardent swipe that serves as evidence to the immense praise for talent the group has gotten whilst teasing listeners till the beauty of a full-length.

Recorded by Russell Baggert in the Spirit Lodge

Mixed by Andrew Kinghorn and RB

Mastered by Nick Petersen at Track & Field


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