Secret Colours – “Peach”


Secret Colours
Chicago, IL

“Throwback LP that connects multiple generations”

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Secret Colours has perfected the balance between Britpop and psychedelic ’60s sounds. Hailing from Chicago, they’ve just released a new album called Peach, which is the exact representation of their declared genre: indie rock and psychedelia.

This album is a perfectly-orchestrated mix of the music our parents listened to, and the music that is secretly taking over the scene today. With a heavy emphasis on electric instruments and a generous use of distortion pedals, Peach puts you right back in the decade of Woodstock and tie-dyed t-shirts. Great throwbacks include “My Home is in Your Soul” and “Legends of Love.”

This album still connects with today’s generation, though, as there is still a level of indie rock that lingers in each of the songs. One example is “World Through My Window,” which features a heavy guitar lead and some chill symbols and drum fills.

This is a must-have album for all the reasons above and more. The tracks feature a very laid-back sound that goes hand-in-hand with the LP’s theme, and the album, as a whole, connects with multiple generations, something most bands find increasingly difficult to do.

  • Produced by Brian Deck
  • Recorded at Engine Studios, Chicago
  • Mastered by Richard Dodd</li>

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