Sea Wolf

Old World Romance

Los Angeles, CA

(Dangerbird Records)

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“Self-exploration driven by haunting melodies and provocative chords”

Sea Wolf, led by Alex Brown Church, is back with a new album, Old World Romance. The record is as brooding and introspective as ever. Church weaves tales of his life experiences with haunting melodies and seductive lyrics. This time around he’s incorporated the use of elegant full-band arrangements, but still retains the darker imagery of previous works. There is an atmosphere of bittersweet romance and promise to be found on Old World Romance.
The album opens with an airy melody on “Old Friend,” a minimalist and melancholy ballad for the past. Here, Church’s vocals are given the opportunity to shine and once again, the fragility of his voice remains the driving force behind his work. The fast-paced and buoyant track, “In Nothing,” keeps things moving with rapidly plucked guitar chords and determined percussion. “Miracle Cure” and “Saint Catherine St.” pack a burst of energy and weave tales of rediscovery while “Blue Stockings” dials down the tempo with a more dreamlike sound. “Priscilla” and “Whirlpool” feature introspective moments reminiscent of his previous works, seeming to embody a desire to reach out to an old friend.
Old World Romance is a beautiful album, dark and thoughtful but with bright moments of hope and acceptance. While it remains in the same vein of Church’s past works, it marks clear growth, a return to the Sea Wolf he always intended it to be. He continues to draw on his personal experiences and expands his sound and repertoire in an impressive and provocative way.

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