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Wowser Bowser

Wowser Bowser

Atlanta, GA

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“Spunky and vibrant indie pop with instrumental experimentations”

Atlanta natives Wowser Bowser have just released their debut full-length, self-titled album. It’s akin to the sunshiny and frolicking musings of many indie pop greats, but their foray into ambient noise gives them a little something extra. The foursome takes the best qualities of psychedelic rock and pairs them with upbeat synth pop. The band’s ability to distort and manipulate sound and pair it with pop melodies creates a sound that is hard to get out of your head.

“Water Story” and “The Garden” are thoroughly enjoyable, melodic tales. The first is the tale of fast falling rain. Synthetic harmonies and distant snare drums kickstart this dreamy, yet vigorous track. Bouncing drum beats and a steadily growing harmony give “The Garden” an addictive quality, while “To the Pleasant Life!” has an Animal Collective-like sound, complete with synth-induced pop beats that seem to explode from out of nowhere.

There is a surprisingly unrestrained quality to the album. Wowser Bowser does not seem content to simply reproduce variations of the same thing, but rather seem determined to provide listeners with an extravaganza of styles. Their mixture of haziness, sharp chord progressions, and bursts of short songs blended with longer anthems is impressive. Wowser Bowser is a much-needed burst of bright and energetic creativity during these long winter months. (Adair Park Recordings)


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