Record Review: Wing and Hollow

Wing and Hollow
Frozen Trees
Los Angeles, CA

“For that intimate club feeling at home”

Frozen Trees, a self-released album from husband-and-wife duo Haven and Jill Lamoureux, is a melancholy, yet empowering tribute to love and loss. With Haven on guitar and Jill on lead vocals, Wing and Hollow delivers track after track of instrumental artistry and lyrical insight.

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The first track, “Frozen Trees,” opens with simple yet catchy fingerpicking guitar work that soon becomes characteristic of Wing and Hollow’s sound. Jill’s soulful voice complements the passion of the guitar strings, lamenting, “Nothing’s different, nothing’s the same.” The quality of her haunting voice is showcased in the songs “Shadowman” and “Martyr,” demonstrating her range and harmonizing abilities. Haven demonstrates his guitar dexterity in “So It Seems,” in which he first leads the listener in with light fingerpicking before transitioning into heavier strums. “Lock it Away,” one of the most attention-grabbing tracks, opens with an interesting use of percussion that draws the listener in and then gradually incorporates a harmonica, which adds another layer to the sound.

The standout track of the album, however, is the closer “Evil Needs.” Powerful slides up and down the frets, a seductive and passionate voice – this song deviates from the folk feel of the album to a more dangerous and bluesy vibe. If the listener had any doubts about Wing and Hollow as a band, this one completely erases them, solidifying Haven and Jill Lamoureux as the next up-and-coming artists in LA’s burgeoning acoustic scene. (Self-released)

Produced by Dorian Heartsong

Mixed and Mastered by Jose Alcantar

Recorded at Studio D in West Hollywood

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