Record Review: Wild Child

Wild Child
Pillow Talk
Austin, TX

Delicate folk duo leaves lingering smiles”

With an onslaught of folk duos popping out of the woodwork, Wild Child throws their hat into the ring with Pillow Talk, an album sure to leave lingering smiles among economically depleted, bedridden souls looking to rekindle an age of coquettish innocence. Alexander Beggins is the male counterpart of the dynamic duo, while Kelsey Wilson is the cooler side of the pillow, filled with robust vocals that draw on what makes Regina Spektor such a colorful diva.

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Banjos, ukuleles, violins, and impromptu sing-alongs paint a panoramic portrait of a typecast Michael Cera role: Awkward, but adorable. The instrumentals are delicate and sensible, welded together with Kelsey’s incandescent throwback to American jazz and chamber pop of the ’50s vocals. The album plays a variation on its album title, for a theme – Pillow Talk – by imparting light and feathery sentiments, but with haunting candor. “Warm Body” conveys the ‘will they/won’t they’ romance that has Michael Cera dawdling in skin tight running track shorts, essentially waiting for the precocious Kelsey-like leading lady to reassert Cera by singing, “Do you trust me? / You just might be the one for me tonight.” So simple, but yet so sweet. (Major Nation)

Produced and Mixed by Major Nation

Mastered by Eric Wofford at Cacophony Recorders

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